Hydra Light® FCM-L01 Mini Water-powered LED Emergency Flashlight

Water activated, no batteries needed

Stock #: 240078
Great for camping, survival, and emergencies!

The FCM-L01 Mini Emergency Light is a single-use, compact, convenient and disposable 2 x LED pocket flashlight powered by the same water activated technology as the other HydraCell products, but without a replaceable cell. 

Its bright, long-life LEDs provide up to 75 hours of usable light in emergency and off-grid situations when no other light source is available. The FCM-L01 will always be ready for quick activation with a dip in water. 

Plus at the end of its useful life, it can be safely disposed in household garbage, or electronic waste recycling where available.

  • DEVICE: FCM-L01 Mini Emergency Light
  • POWER SOURCE: Non-replaceable internal cell
  • LIGHT TYPE: 2 bright, long life LEDs
  • RUN TIME: 75+ hours run time
  • DIMENSIONS: Individual: 170 mm height x 40 mm width x 14 mm depth
  • WEIGHT: 28 grams
  • Brand New Product!
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Hydra Light® FCM-L01 Mini Water-powered LED Emergency Flashlight
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