Hefty Haulers® Furniture Moving Kit

Heavy-duty furniture lifter, safe moving, appliance roller suitable for sofas, couches and refrigerators

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Where is a furniture mover when you need him? Right here! 

The Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit lets you move heavy items easily all by yourself. The secret is in the leverage. 

Easy To Use 
1: Insert the lever completely under the corner of the item you want to move and press down to lift. 
2: Hold the trolley by the knob and insert under the edge of the item. 
3: Point the arrow of the trolley in the direction you want to move the piece. 
4: Lower the item onto the trolley (watch your fingers!) 
5: Repeat the steps for the remaining 3 trolleys. 

Then just roll that heavy piece of furniture wherever you want it to go. 

Pivot pads on the trolleys let you change direction, and separately attachable 'risers' even let you lift and move pieces on legs. 
No more overexerting yourself or straining your back. Sofas, dressers, desks, heavy appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, even floor safes become easy to move with a little leverage provided. 
Includes: 1 power lever, 1 cradle, 4 trolleys, 4 full risers, 4 half-sized risers

  • Lift up to 2600 lbs using power lever
  • Each trolley holds up to 240 lbs
  • 8 attachable risers let you move items of any height
  • Rolls easily on flat surfaces and short carpeting
  • 12 swivel wheels per trolley for maneuverability
  • Move heavy furniture easily all by yourself!
  • Brand new product!
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Hefty Haulers® Furniture Moving Kit