Trumeter Distance Measuring Wheel

Ensure measurement accuracy and precision 

Trumeter  Distance Measuring Wheel
Model # 5000-611   SKU # 810882   

The Trumeter 5000 has been the professional road measuring wheel of choice for decades. It is used around the world by professionals in industries including construction, survey and civil services.

  • Display is large and easy to read while standing
  • Pointer indicates start position
  • Fold-away stand
  • Locking handle for easier carriage
  • Adds forwards, subtracts in reverse
  • Measuring wheel type: Road
  • Power type: Mechanical
  • Reset option: Lever reset
  • Measuring system: Feet, Meters
  • Digits: 5 digits
  • Range: 99,999 m or 99,999 ft 22in
  • Wheel circumference: 1 m
  • Durable design resists wear and tear
  • Brand new product!
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