Ortho Animal Repellent Spray

Repels against skunks, raccoons, rabbits, and other nuisance animals!

Ortho  Animal Repellent Spray
Model # 88200187   SKU # 401301   

Keep nuisance animals out of your yard and away from your cherished plants with long-lasting Ortho® Animal B Gon™ MAX Animal Repellent. Despite having no unpleasant odor, this repellent is enough to send skunks, raccoons and other critters onto their next destination, leaving you to enjoy your outdoor space in peace.

  • Easy to use with simple application
  • Efficacious and long-lasting
  • 400 Gram spray can
  • Sprays in any direction, even upside down!
  • Cedar oil fragrance
  • Brand new product!