Leak Stopper Rubber Flex Sealant

Prevent rooftop, chimney, and pipe water leaks!

Leak Stopper  Rubber Flex Sealant
Model # 85003160   SKU # 400967   

A revolutionary advancement in roof patching and repair. This long-lasting rubberized repair is specially formulated to penetrate deep into damaged areas and stop roof leaks instantly!

With the addition of liquid rubber, this flexible, high performance sealant provides a superior watertight bond that will stop problem leaks for good. Rubber Flexx is ideal for a variety of roof surfaces including: Shingles, Metal Roofs, Chimneys, Skylights, Gutters, Pipes, and many other surfaces.

  • Seals, protects, and stops leaks
  • With easy spray application
  • Use on roofs, chimneys, skylights, gutters, pipes, etc.
  • Will not drip, sag, chip, crack or peel
  • Helps reduce vibrations, noise, and sound
  • Easy to use and eliminates messy clean-up
  • Available in 511 g spray can
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
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