Mr. Flame® University of Washington Huskies BBQ Grill

Includes a one-of-a-kind snuff pouch that quickly puts out hot coals!

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Mr. Flame is known for creating one of the most versatile charcoal barbecuing systems for home and travel, and was voted the #1 tailgate barbecue in the U.S.A. Their blast furnace concept enables you to cook in less than 10 minutes, and assures consistent heat on the grill.

With 170 sq. in. of cooking space and a convertible roasting oven, this power house barbecue can cook anything from hamburgers and hot dogs to a Chateaubriand. Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, fold your grill into a self-cleaning oven and self-extinguishing barbecue when you're finished using it!

This grill includes a special snuff pouch is designed with heat-resistant material, allowing you to put the grill immediately into the pouch after cooking. Your charcoal is snuffed out almost instantly due to lack of oxygen inside the pouch. Perfect for summer cookouts and fall tailgate parties!

  • Easy to light and ready to use in only 7 minutes!
  • Constructed from carbon steel with cast iron cooking grids
  • Portable design allows you to transport grill to different locations
  • Folds and closes up for self-cleaning
  • Removable ash drawer
  • Acts as a warmer for foods that have already been cooked
  • Conserves charcoal for multiple use
  • 170 square inches of cooking surfaces
  • Snuff-out pouch for immediate portability
  • Provided ash catcher makes cleanup a snap
  • Can be used as a baking oven
  • Pouch can also be used as a cooler! Just fill it with ice and cool your favourite beverage!
  • Manufactured with function and affordability in mind
  • Perfect grilling in the backyard, campsite, beach or picnics
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
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Mr. Flame® University of Washington Huskies BBQ Grill
Mr. Flame® University of Washington Huskies BBQ Grill
Mr. Flame® University of Washington Huskies BBQ Grill