Coghlan's® Flint Striker

Lasts approximately 4000 strikes!

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This ferrocerium, fire-starting tool lasts for thousands of strikes! Scraping the provided striker down the rod emits sparks to light combustibles. Fireproof in solid form, the tool works just as well when wet for use in any weather and at any altitude. Includes handle, striker, fire-starter rod, and cord.

  • Lightweight and compact-sized! Easy to carry around!
  • Strong and durable -- lasts approximately 4000 strikes
  • Water-resistant and works in the wet and cold!
  • Scrape the bar with the striker to ignite your fire starting material or shavings
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

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Coghlan's® Flint Striker
Coghlan's® Flint Striker
Coghlan's® Flint Striker
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