Atsko® Water-Guard Extreme

Repels water and stains in leather, nylon, and other fabrics!

Stock #: 313014
Contains 12 fluid ounces of heavy-duty repellent with polymers that cross-link for maximum waterproofing and durability in a single application.

For tents, boots, outdoor clothing, tarps, boat covers, back packs, golf bags, umbrellas, luggage, flags, and all 24/7 outdoor fabrics!

  • Scent-free when dried and cured
  • Safe for use on Gore-Tex® and all waterproof breathable fabrics
  • Contains U-V-BLOCK® to protect colors and fabric from sun damage
  • Contains a fungicide to protect the invisible coating from odors and discoloration caused by mold, mildew, fungus and algae
  • Repels water, yet still lets leather and other fabrics breathe
  • 300 Gram / 10.5 ounce can
  • Allow 24 hours to dry before exposing to moisture or folding
  • Brand new product!

Atsko® Water-Guard Extreme
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