Mountain House Pad Thai with Chicken Freeze-dried Meal

Ready in only 10 minutes!

Mountain House  Pad Thai with Chicken Freeze-dried Meal
Mountain House  Pad Thai with Chicken Freeze-dried Meal
Mountain House  Pad Thai with Chicken Freeze-dried Meal
Mountain House  Pad Thai with Chicken Freeze-dried Meal
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Mountain House®, the #1 brand of backpacking foods, has been the favorite of cross-country skiers, backpackers, hikers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts for over 30 years. When it comes to long-term storage and recreational activities like cross-country skiing, camping, hiking, backpacking and hunting, Mountain House® is the top choice. That's because Mountain House® has been recognized as making the best-tasting freeze-dried meals. It's no wonder that Mountain House® has been the winner of the Gold Taste Award for the last 3 years. Mountain House freeze-dried food is convenient and easy to prepare, and it has a long shelf life.

  • Keep some packages in your car and house so that you are prepared for storms and emergencies
  • Ideal for college students and others who can't cook
  • Vacuum-sealed packages take up less space
  • Weight is 60-90% less due to the freeze-drying process that removes 98% of water (Great for hikers!)
  • Easy to prepare. Simply pour boiling water into pouch and stir, ready in just minutes!
  • Eat right out of the package
  • Keep food hotter with the barrier foil packaging
  • Multi-layered foil packaging keeps food from deteriorating or spoiling
  • Makes one 3.8 oz. / 110 gram serving per pouch
  • Net weight: 115 grams
  • No artificial flavours, artificial colours, or preservatives!
  • Gluten-free
  • Ready in only 10 minutes!
  • Inspected by the U.S.D.A.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Brand new product!
This reviewer lists Mountain House Pad Thai with Chicken as one of his favorite meals:

"Pad Thai with Chicken
The chicken and flat rice noodles kept a great consistency with the Pad Thai. Some freeze dried meals can end up a little mushy and this was not one of them. Red Bell Peppers, carrot and a green beans held down the vegetable side of things with the Oyster and Tamari sauces with brown sugar lending a lot to the flavour. The mild spice level is sure to match those new to Pad Thai though I would have preferred a stronger punch to the sour. Additions I would have liked to the Pad Thai would be some dehydrated egg and crushed peanuts, two things that are easily added by yourself. The Pad Thai is also gluten free."

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