ROK Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool

Replaces shims and wedges when levelling and installing windows, doors, and cabinets

ROK  Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool
Model # 70052   SKU # 420076   

The Inflatable Pry Bar and Levelling Tool by ROK allows the user to position and hold items in place, saving jobsite time and reducing labor costs by providing an extra hand in installations.

This tool is perfect for door and window installers, interior construction professionals, and other skilled craftsmen working on serious DIY projects.

  • Easy one-handed operation with squeeze pump and valve lets you raise and lower to the designed alignment
  • 300 lbs/136 kg capacity handles full-size installation projects, saving labour and time costs
  • Ideal for windows, doors, cabinets, and other heavy-duty household materials
  • Affordable and easy to use!
  • Must have valid ID showing you are 18 years old or older to purchase
  • Brand new product!

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