Thames Valley Trail Hiking Guide

Explore the Thames Valley Trail and avoid getting lost!

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The Thames Valley Trail is a 110 kilometer hiking trail that follows through the Thames River along most of the route. It links the Elgin Trail at the Elgin/Middlesex County line in the south with the Avon Trail in St. Mary's in the north.

Travel around and avoid getting lost with this handy guide book!

  • Detailed and well-explained guide gives you everything you need to know about the Thames Valley hiking trail
  • Elaborate and thorough instructions and directions to follow
  • Gives you the information on which washrooms, emergency, food, and parking places are nearby
  • Tells you what wildlife you may encounter and run into depending on which area you're in
  • Also informs you on what the most popular recreational activities are the in certain areas of the trail
  • Six informative and detailed maps printed inside
  • Fourth Edition from 2016
  • Brand new product!
  • While supplies last!

Thames Valley Trail Hiking Guide
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