Video Balun Transceivers - Security Camera Adapters

Use any category 5/6 Ethernet cable to reduce wiring cost dramatically and transmit video over a greater distance!

Video Balun Transceivers - Security Camera Adapters
Model # SEC-VB-3201   SKU # 770014   

  • A video balun transceiver is a video transformer/adapter that provides a low cost means of sending live video over long distances of unshielded twisted pair point-to-point wiring. Monochrome video signal video signals can be sent up to 2,000 feet (610 meters) or color up to 1,300 feet (400 meters) without signal loss (compared to only 500 feet with RG6 cable)
  • We have tested this in store and had no problems with a colour security camera using 1000 feet of UTP category 5 cable
  • Passive operation means no external power supply required. It uses your cameras power connector to power the balun
  • High immunity from interference with built-in impedance correction and noise filter
  • Save money when running longer cable lengths by converting from expensive combined BNC video or composite video and power cables to cheaper UTP category 5/6 cables
  • Use one or all three of the available connectors
  • The composite connection can be used to carry audio or video
  • Colour video max up to 440 m (1443 ft) for HD-CVI 720P camera and 190 m (623 ft) for HD-TVI 720P camera
  • Colour video max up to 230 m (754 ft) for HD-CVI 1080P camera and 190 m (623 ft) for HD-TVI 1080P camera
  • Built-in TVS for surge protection
  • Wave filter design and anti-static design
  • Lightning protecting design grade III
  • 60 dB crosstalk and noise immunity
  • Exceptional interference rejection
  • Easy to install
  • Sold in pairs: one part mounts at the camera and the other on your receiver (DVR/VCR/Monitor/etc)
  • BNC male, power male, composite video male and cat 5 female at one end and BNC male, power female, composite video male and cat 5 female at the other end
  • Power: AC/DC 12-24V
  • Model number: SEC-VB-4301
  • CE and FCC certified
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!