Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun

Shoots foam darts at up to 150 FPS! Made with pump action, so no need for batteries or CO2!

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This is not your grandpappy's old foam dart blaster--it's time to graduate from the training wheels and move on to something a bit more exciting!

The Jet-Blaster CEDA is the world's first modular, upgradeable, and performance tunable foam dart blaster designed for extreme-competitive Dart Battles and commandos who take office warfare very, VERY seriously! The simple and easy to upgrade rifle can be broken down to two major components; the upper receiver which houses the barrel assembly and action, and the lower receiver which houses the trigger group and piston.

The modular parts can be swapped out with various upgrade parts and kits to tune for your desired performance. Other features include a Picatinny top rail to mount tactical accessories such as sights, optics, lights, and lasers as well as a buffer tube with Mil-Spec dimensions to attach your favorite butt stocks.

Designed for quick assembly and easy take down, CEDA is the worlds first modular foam blaster with its revolutionary quick swap upgradeable assembly. The quick-release shell is held together by two receiver pins to give you easy access to the internal components at the heart of the blaster. This magazine fed, pump-action blaster gives you an edge over your competition with its enhanced piston and air nozzle for vastly superior velocity and range. The modular stock and Picatinny rail system allows you to customize your blaster to your preference.

The Jet Blaster CEDA Model-S is compatible CEDA high velocity short darts for greatly improved range and power. Combined with a 15-round detachable magazine, you can carry a full loadout on your raid against your marketing or accounting departments for the last box of donuts or out to the arena for some nail biting team death match competition.

  • Alpha RT kit pre-installed, optimizing the blaster for use with short darts only, improving the velocity up to 150 FPS!
  • Ergonomic high-speed pump action. Mechanical design does not require batteries or propellant to operate!
  • 15-round Katana stick magazines for extra efficient short foam blaster darts
  • Mil-Spec dimension buffer tube accepts Mil-Spec/AR-15 butt stocks
  • Picatinny top rail allows attachment of tactical/Mil-Spec accessories and optics, airsoft scopes, and red dot sights
  • Easy 2-pin disassembly/reassembly modular design allows further customization and performance tuning! Foam blaster will never go out of service! (Alpha and Omega tune up kits will be available in the near future)
  • Compatible with CEDA high-velocity short darts
  • Velocity: Up to 150 FPS
  • Constructed out of durable and efficient polymer material
  • Available in blue and red!
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

A great way to blow off steam at corporate challenges

Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
Jet Blaster® CEDA™ Model-S Foam Blaster Dart Gun
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