Krytac 4000 Polished 6mm 0.28 gram Airsoft BBs

Perfectly spherical and seamless design!

Krytac  4000 Polished 6mm 0.28 gram Airsoft BBs
Model # 53554   SKU # 320992   

Your airsoft gun can only be as good as its ammunition. Selecting the right BB not only makes a difference on the field but also to the internal health of your gun. Krytac ballistic balls are engineered to perform at the highest level whilst also maintaining a superior level of cleanliness. Each perfect sphere is carefully polished and cleaned to a glossy finish before being bottled. The result is a uniform projectile with a predictable trajectory that will cycle consistently.

Each bottle of Krytac .28g BBs boasts 4000 rounds of high performance ammunition. The .28g size is the most common weight for general airsoft use, and it's the absolute lightest weight that you should use in your Krytac airsoft gun. Ensure that your gun never stops performing at its best with Krytac precision ammunition.

  • Strict quality control ensures consistent BB diameter
  • Highly polished finish reduces the chance of miss-feeding or jamming
  • Count: 4000 rounds
  • 5.95 +/- 0.01mm
  • 0.28g
  • Compatible with AEG (automatic electric guns) and spring loaded Airsoft guns
  • For use in 6mm Airsoft products only
  • Colour: White
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!