Valken Canada Paintball Remote Line with Quick Disconnect

With slide check and quick disconnect

Valken  Canada Paintball Remote Line with Quick Disconnect
Model # 28742   SKU # 272215   


See how it works in this demo video!

Lighten the load with a paintball remote coil! Airsoft players can move their air bottle to their pack or load bearing equipment and run the air through a remote coil! The Valken® Remote Coil with Quick Disconnect is a full-featured paintball remote line system, including an on/off bottle adapter, an ultra-durable but flexible coiled hose, and quick disconnect at the paintball gun adapter! Simple and easy to use, the Valken® Remote Coil will function equally well with CO2 or compressed air/HPA and allow any player to run a more compact, lightweight paintball gun!

  • Simple and rugged paintball remote coil system
  • Compatible with all paintball CO2 tanks & 3000psi and 4500psi paintball compressed air bottles
  • Makes any paintball gun lighter and more compact
  • Places air tank in pack or harness for weight distribution
  • Internal lock prevents loss of on/off knob
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

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