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Automotive Products

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PowerBOSS® Gas-Powered 2700PSI 2.3 GPM Pressure Washers with Detergent Tank

Quality Briggs and Stratton Professional Series 175CC OHV gas engine!

Stock #: 993399
only $299.00 each Details

PowerBOSS® R020414 2500 PSI 2.3 GPM Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Quality Briggs and Stratton 675 Series gas engine!

Stock #: 993354
only $279.00 each Details

Craftsman® 4 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Lifts up to 8,000 lbs!

Stock #: 710181
only $199.00 each Details

SpeeCo® G210FA 6.5 HP 212CC Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine

Four stroke engine design means that there is no need to pre mix oil and gas!

Stock #: 710277
only $179.00 each Details

Sport Rack® Crest 2 Platform Hitch Bike Carrier

Holds up to 2 bikes

Stock #: 811125
only $129.95 each Details

Dual 9-Inch Widescreen LCD Displays with Built-In DVD Player

The cure for ... "Are we there yet, are we there yet?"

Stock #: 177026
only $99.95 per set Details

Amplifi by Briggs & Stratton® Garden Water Hose Pressure Washing System

The NEWEST way to save you time outdoors!  Introducing the Garden Power Boost Washing System.

Stock #: 175005
only $89.95 each Details

Schumacher® XC103-CA 100 AMP Automatic 12V Battery Charger

Fully automatic microprocessor-controlled battery charger with engine start!

Stock #: 710442
only $89.95 each Details

Peak® PKC0J1200 12V 1200 Amp Jump Starter

More power for better performance, user-friendly features, and design ergonomics for ease of use!

Stock #: 710300
only $79.95 each Details

12 Volt Electric Coolers - 40 Quart

Plugs into your vehicle's 12 Volt power outlet (AKA cigarette

Stock #: 810932
only $79.95 each Details

Reese® Explore Trunk Mount 3-Bike Carrier

Heavy-duty steel construction

Stock #: 710226
only $69.95 each Details

Peak® PKC0C75 12 Amp Automatic 12V Automotive Battery Charger

75 amp engine start built in!

Stock #: 710079
only $69.95 each Details

Pro-Series® 63139 Duette™ Trunk Mount Bike Carrier

Carries up to 2 bicycles and fits on most vehicles!

Stock #: 710357
only $59.95 each Details

LED Magnetic Base Towing Tail Light Kits

Non-scratch magnetic base mounts easily to tow vehicles

Stock #: 401761
only $49.95 per set Details

Stinson® LED Trailer Light Kit

Lifespan of 100,000 hours!

Stock #: 401760
only $49.95 per set Details

Pyle® PHUD18OBD Heads Up Display - Vehicle Speed & Diagnostic HUD Monitor System

Have you ever wanted to pilot a fighter jet? Try a heads-up display for your car!

Stock #: 001262
only $49.00 each Details

Heavy-duty 25 ft 2 Gauge Booster Cables

For use with tractors, transport trucks, vans, pickups, and other heavy equipment

Stock #: 240030
only $44.95 each Details

Highland® 1375100 SportWing Hitch Mounted 2 Bike Carrier

Holds up to 2 bikes

Stock #: 710282
only $44.95 each Details

Rescue® 1700 Portable Power Pack Battery Jump Starters - Add Your Own Battery

Heavy-duty 4000 peak amp commercial jump starter/portable power pack!

Stock #: 840207
only $39.95 each Details

Ideaworks® 12V Tire Inflator

Inflate car tires, sports balls, and more using the power from your car

Stock #: 050315
only $34.95 each Details

13 Piece Automotive Lockout Tool Kit

Remove parts of your car while limiting damage!

Stock #: 243786
only $34.54 each Details

Matrix® Heavy-duty 4 Gauge Jumper Cables

For use with cars, vans, pickups, tractors, and other heavy equipment

Stock #: 401722
only $29.95 each Details

Slime® Cordless Multi-Purpose Inflator

Inflates air mattresses in as little as one minute and tires in only six minutes

Stock #: 299004
only $29.95 each Details

Blazer® Spot and Daytime Running Car Light

Four 5W LED lights with 1530-2000 effective lumens!

Stock #: 240121
only $24.95 each Details

Scepter® 20L Self Venting Fuel Can

Easy way to transport or store fuel

Stock #: 402000
only $24.95 each Details

The Club® Anti-theft Pedal Lock

Protect your vehicle from thieves!

Stock #: 811955
only $24.95 each Details

4.80/4.00-8 15 inch Wheel with Rim

Supports loads up to 590 lbs!

Stock #: 710623
only $24.95 each Details

15x6.0-6 13-Inch Wheel with White Rim

Maximum inflation of 30 PSI

Stock #: 710622
only $24.95 each Details

Reese® 10 Cubic Foot Car Rooftop Carrier

Fits all vehicles with roof racks, such as cars, SUVs, Vans, and RVs!

Stock #: 710691
only $24.95 each Details

ShopPro® 14 Piece Emergency Roadside Survival Kit

Avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere!!!

Stock #: 420006
only $21.95 each Details

Pyle® PHUD12 Heads Up Display - Vehicle Speed & GPS Compass HUD Monitor System

Have you ever wanted to pilot a fighter jet? Try a heads-up display for your car!

Stock #: 001244
only $21.95 each Details

Stinson® 12V Trailer Light Kits

Includes tail and side lights, wiring harness, and more!

Stock #: 401759
only $19.95 each Details

RYDZ® 35-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit

35 critical tools needed in the event of an emergency!

Stock #: 253209
only $19.95 per set Details

Hopkins® SubZero GripTrax Traction Tool - Pack of 2

Helps pull your vehicle out if you are stuck on ice, snow, mud, or sand

Stock #: 811315
only $19.95 per pair Details

Dickies® Premium Quality Truck Seat Covers - 2 Pack

Universal fit for crew and extended cab trucks

Stock #: 812007
only $19.95 per set Details

DrawTite® 36" x 48" Tangle-Free Vehicle Rooftop Cargo Net

For a hassle-free and secure travelling experience!

Stock #: 930210
only $19.95 each Details

Farpoint® 700 Lumen Portable LED Flood Light with Emergency Hazard Warning Lights

Great for Camping, Roadside Car Repairs, Home Renovations, and More!

Stock #: 259121
only $19.95 each Details

Pyle® PHUD15 Heads Up Display - Vehicle Speed & GPS Compass HUD Monitor System

Have you ever wanted to pilot a fighter jet? Try a heads-up display for your car!

Stock #: 001249
only $19.00 each Details

4.00-8 16-inch Wheel with Grey Rim

Supports loads up to 350 lbs!

Stock #: 710621
only $17.95 each Details

10 LED Oval Trailer Light

Bright LED oval trailer light

Stock #: 243491
only $16.95 each Details

Matrix® Automotive Coil Spring Compressor Sets

Permits quick and safe removal or installation of spring while repairing struts

Stock #: 408323
only $16.95 per set Details

IIT® Universal 4-Pack Floor Mats

Beautify and protect your cars interior!

Stock #: 243412
only $16.95 per set Details

LightWay® 75 Watt Incandescent Utility Work Light

Cord measures 20 feet (6 m)!

Stock #: 401321
only $15.95 each Details

Automotive Revolving Warning Light

Great for snow plow operators, volunteer firefighters, undercover police officers, tow truck operators, and more

Stock #: 243695
only $14.95 each Details

Uriah® 8 Gauge Booster Jumper Cable

Don't get stranded with a dead battery!

Stock #: 710425
only $14.95 each Details

WD-40® Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser

0.71-litre spray bottle with 3.78-litres of refill cleaner!

Stock #: 172003
only $14.95 per set Details

Slime® 40040 Digital Display Tire Inflator

Keep in your trunk for roadside emergencies!

Stock #: 299003
only $14.95 each Details

Pyle® PL12V3P 1-To-3 Cigarette Lighter Multipliers

Charge cell phones, iPods, or other electronic device on-the-go

Stock #: 001665
only $14.95 each Details

Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pumps

Transfers gas, water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquids

Stock #: 050100
only $14.95 each Details

Racor® Double Folding Bike Rack PSB-2L


Stock #: 710148
only $14.95 each Details

Exide® 6 Gauge 16 Foot Booster Cable

For emergency situations with cars, vans, pickups, tractors, transport trucks, and other heavy equipment.

Stock #: 243638
only $14.95 each Details

Universal Lock-Out Tool Sets

Avoid Roadside Assistance Costs! These Tools Can Open Virtually Any Car Door Without a Key

Stock #: 400008
only $13.95 per set Details

IIT® Clear Magnetic LED Safety Light

Use to add a headlight to golf carts and forklifts!

Stock #: 240168
only $13.95 each Details

Highland® LED Hitch Cover

Fits all 1.25" and 2" receiver hitches!

Stock #: 710718
only $12.95 each Details

Pacific Coast Highway® Universal 4-Pc Car Mat Set

Easy to clean 4-piece mat set!

Stock #: 710509
only $12.95 per set Details

Matrix® 10-Gauge Jumper Cables

Don't get stranded with a dead battery! Jump-starting instructions included.

Stock #: 406999
only $12.95 each Details

Pet Parade® Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

Keep your backseat clean and free of mud, dirt, and stray hairs!

Stock #: 050388
only $11.95 each Details

CM® Magnetic Windshield Cover for Vans & SUVs

No more clearing winter snow and scraping ice from your windshield!

Stock #: 830482
only $11.95 each Details

Matrix® 13 Piece Harmonic Balance Puller

Removes balancers, steering wheels, pulleys, and gears with tapped holes

Stock #: 403955
only $10.95 per set Details

Jinhe Motor LTD® Submersible Bilge Pump

Pump water out of the bottom of small boats

Stock #: 840197
only $9.99 each Details

10-Gauge Jumper Cables

Don't get stranded with a dead battery! Jump-starting instructions included.

Stock #: 243413
only $9.99 each Details

Rydz® 8-Piece Windshield Repair Kit

Easily repair your windshield in just 20 minutes!

Stock #: 253169
only $9.99 per set Details

Pet Parade® Auto Pet Barrier

Keeps dogs from crawling up front and creating a hazard

Stock #: 050102
only $9.99 each Details

Steering Wheel Locks

Safeguard your vehicle with protection that can't be hacked!

Stock #: 178182
only $9.99 each Details

7 Blade and 4 Pin Wiring Testers

Ensure that 12 volt power is going to the tow vehicle's brakes, lights and turn signals 

Stock #: 243043
only $9.99 each Details

50 Percent Wool Blankets

Great for picnics, camping, and more!

Stock #: 060448
only $9.99 each Details

High Volume Windshield Washer Pump

For use with 12 V DC power sources

Stock #: 840081
only $9.00 each Details

Matrix® 16-Inch Tie Rod Puller

Fix those tie rods with ease

Stock #: 402527
only $8.99 each Details

Get-A-Grip® 48-Inch Extension Reach Tool

Ideal for catching alligators and other angry creatures!

Stock #: 880163
only $8.99 each Details

SE® 500 Lumen 2-1 Triangular 30 Red LED Safety Light

Great for Camping, Roadside Car Repairs, Home Renovations, and More!

Stock #: 060923
only $7.99 each Details

Ideaworks® Solar Car Fans

Prevents heat build-up in parked cars! Check out the video for a similar product!

Stock #: 050288
only $7.99 each Details

IdeaWorks® All-Season Windshield Guard

Tired to scraping ice and snow off your car windshield? Peel off that ice and snow with this.

Stock #: 050319
only $7.99 each Details

Geared Up® Heated Mini Ice Scrapers

Save time getting ice off your vehicle's windshields!

Stock #: 243824
only $7.99 each Details

Matrix® Air Foot Pumps

For bicycles, car tires, and other inflatables

Stock #: 400659
only $6.99 each Details

13-Foot Emergency Tow Ropes

Super strong and lightweight poly braid design handles loads up to 6613 pounds!

Stock #: 060572
only $6.99 each Details

Skoocom® SC5002PM High Vacuum Pump

Widely used in household appliances, healthcare and more!

Stock #: 840287
only $6.99 each Details

Matrix® 30-Piece Tire Repair Strings

Repair small punctures in a variety of tires

Stock #: 400945
only $6.49 each Details

iZoom® 900 Lumen Versa Smart Utility Light

Ridiculously powerful and portable 2-in-1 work light

Stock #: 259073
only $5.99 each Details

Matrix® Alternator Tester

Tests your alternator today!

Stock #: 400435
only $5.99 each Details

LED Emergency Safety Lights

Safer than road flares! 24 Bright red LED lights.

Stock #: 060077
only $4.99 each Details

Deluxe Antifreeze Testers

Accurately Tests All Permanent Solutions In Hot Or Cold Radiators

Stock #: 400084
only $4.99 each Details

Stayhold® Classic Cargo Organizer

Keep groceries from spilling and rolling all over your car!

Stock #: 175141
only $4.99 each Details

Blue Mountain™ Professional Windshield Wiper Blades

Universal adapters for easy installation!

Stock #: 710200
only $3.99 each Details

Mini Ice Scrapers

Ideal For Scrapping the Ice Off the Inside of Your Windshield 

Stock #: 400331
only $2.99 each Details
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