2-Way Portable Radios

2-Way Portable Radios (6)

Keep in touch with family when traveling!

AC/DC Adapters

AC/DC Adapters (14)

Saves batteries which saves you money!

Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries (30)

Discount Duracell batteries, rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, rechargeable sealed lead acid gel cell batteries, CR2025 batteries and lantern batteries

CB Radios

CB Radios (2)

Midland, Uniden and Cobra CB radios, Pyramid CB antennas

Electric Hobby Motors

Electric Hobby Motors (5)

Low RPM hobby gear motors and small hobby motors

Extension Cords - Power Bars - Surge Protectors

Extension Cords - Power Bars - Surge Protectors (19)

Heavy-duty extension cords, GFCI pig tails, surge protectors to protect electronic equipment during electrical storms!

We also carry UPSes (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and electrical power cables.

Metal Detectors by Bounty Hunter and Teknetics

Metal Detectors by Bounty Hunter and Teknetics (5)

With gold at over $1350.00 per ounce and expected to climb the simple discovery of a lost ring in a park could be very profitable!


Multimeters (9)

Digital multimeters with test leads

Power Inverters

Power Inverters (1)

Power household electronics from your vehicle

Regulated DC Power Supplies

Regulated DC Power Supplies (14)

3 to 46 amp regulated power supplies

Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches (5)

Rocker, toggle and
momentary poker switches
(arcade buttons)