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Proud to be 100% Canadian

Forest City Surplus opened for business in 1980.


We have been in business for over 40 years!
In May of 1980 Forest City Surplus began as a small 3500 square foot store
in London, Ontario, Canada.
In 1993, we moved our store to a 10,000 square foot location and in 2011, with the addition of a new Tactical Room, we expanded to 12,000 square feet.

In 1996 we were one of the first businesses in the area to join the worldwide web with our fcsurplus.com website. We did this originally to advertise our products to local customers. However, we soon discovered that people from around the world wanted to order our products! We hired some clever programmers, designed an online shopping cart system, and started shipping surplus deals to customers worldwide. Currently, we have staff who work exclusively in our internet department, updating our website, answering phone calls, and shipping orders.

We are 100% Canadian and locally owned and operated. We buy and sell surplus closeout inventories, manufacturers' overstock, and big box store excess from national US and Canadian retail chains.

Every year thousands of new products arrive and thousands of products sell out!
This is a listing of new products that have arrived recently and this link shows the current summary of items we have online.

Many customers stay up-to-date on our latest deals by joining our Surplus Savers Club.

As you can see, we carry a huge selection of products, and we are constantly hunting for new and unusual items! This is fun for both us and our customers. Hundreds of new items are received every month, and hundreds of items sell out! THAT IS THE NATURE OF THE SURPLUS BUSINESS.

Before traveling to our store to purchase a specific item, it is best to call us at 519-451-0246 to make sure that your item is still in stock. We will happily set aside a product with your name on it for 24 hours for you to pick up.

Typically over 14,000 different items are in our retail store, many of which are available on our website. Our inventory range includes just about anything imaginable from camping and survival gear to off-lease computers.

Customers also seek us out because of the many hard-to-find products we stock.
Since the ancient days of Apple II clone computers, we have always carried a large variety of electronics. Our regular weekly customers include electrical engineers, artists, film makers, technical and artistic teachers, inventors, and many other highly creative people. From the talented Greg Curnoe to the genius behind Trojan Technologies, we are honoured to have had, and continue to have, great people in our midst.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our website and/or in our retail store. We are always trying to improve our business so your helpful customer feedback is very much appreciated!

If visiting us for your first surplus shopping experience please see our driving directions to avoid getting lost.


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