Acute Forceps

Acute Forceps (16)

Roch pean, halstead mosquito, dressing, splinter, thumb and tweezer forceps

Dental Picks - Mirrors - Scrapers

Dental Picks - Mirrors - Scrapers (9)

Quality stainless steel dental tools

Flasks - Beakers - Glassware

Flasks - Beakers - Glassware (15)

Medicine Droppers, glass beakers, erlenmeyer flasks and glass graduated cylinders


Magnets (10)

Neodymium, horseshoe, ceramic and ferrite magnets at surplus prices


Magnifiers (12)

Reading magnifiers, helping hands magnifying glass, flexible desk magnifiers, hand lens magnifiers, illuminated binocular magnifiers and lighted magnifiers,

Scalpel Handles

Scalpel Handles (2)

Size 3 and 4

Stainless Steel Scissors

Stainless Steel Scissors (6)

Iris, dissecting, lister bandage and operating scissors

Teasing Needles & Dental Probes

Teasing Needles & Dental Probes (4)

Tools to get in small places

Test Tubes

Test Tubes (4)

glass test tubes for lab experiments or other fun uses