Circular Neodymium Magnets - 4 Pack

10 mm diameter x 5 mm high rare earth magnets

Stock #: 060034
  • Neodymium magnets are stronger and last longer than average magnets
  • Small, but extremely powerful
  • Quickly screw up computer disks
  • Wreak havoc with electronic equipment
  • Ideal for alternative medical purposes
  • 4 super strong rare earth magnets per package
  • 3-Pound pull strength
  • Made of nickel neodymium
  • 3/8-inch diameter x 3/16-inches high (10 mm diameter x 5 mm high) circular disk
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!
Only $2.29 each
approx  US $1.81 each

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Circular Neodymium Magnets - 4 Pack
Circular Neodymium Magnets - 4 Pack
Circular Neodymium Magnets - 4 Pack
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