North 49® 750 ML Chiller'z Tritan® Bottles

Keep your beverages ice cold for much longer with the screw-in freezer stick!

Stock #: 311604
  • Features a screw-in freezer stick. Simply freeze the stick in freezer before use, and screw into bottle to keep contents cold.
  • Great for keeping water, juices and other drinks cold!
  • The Tritan® polycarbonate construction is BPA-free
  • Food grade silicone inner seal
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor sports, cyclists, hikers, and gym use
  • Locking flip-top lid
  • Mouth/pouring spout
  • Twist-on lid
  • Also features EZ clean twist-off bottom for easy cleaning
  • Stylish transparent blue outer
  • Capacity: 0.75 Litre (750 ML) / 25.4 fluid ounces
  • Brand new product!

North 49® 750 ML Chiller'z Tritan® Bottles
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