Helping Hand 4X Magnifier

Examine small details and perform detailed work

Stock #: 060249
  • 4x Magnification helps to enlarge the tiny things you need to examine, paint, or solder
  • 3x Additional magnification within lens
  • 2.5-inch diameter glass lens
  • Flexible magnifier neck
  • 360-degree rotation for magnifier, clips, and joints
  • 2 Adjustable alligator clips
  • Nickel-plated
  • Heavy-duty base with recessed curved dish for holding a sponge or small parts
  • Perfect for hobby work, modeling, jewelry making, fine detail work, watches, and more!
  • Affordable!
  • Brand new product in manufacturer's packaging!

Helping Hand 4X Magnifier
Helping Hand 4X Magnifier
Helping Hand 4X Magnifier
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