Kids Bug Blocking Pants

Protection against bugs!

Stock #: 560195
    • Protection against mosquitoes, black flies, sand fleas,
      ticks, deer flies and all other bugs
    • Bug pants fit comfortably over regular pants
    • Feel the breeze go through - the most desirable
      feature in spring and summer
    • See-through nylon mesh
    • No see um netting
    • Elastic on waist and around ankles
    • Ideal for hikers, fishermen, gardeners, campers etc.
    • Sizes: small, medium, large
    • No need to worry about fit. Use our sizing chart below
    • Brand new product

      Sizing Chart
      Leg Length
      17 inches
      29 inches
      18 inches
      29 inches
      19 inches
      33 inches

Kids Bug Blocking Pants
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