PPC F81 (HD) Coaxial Cable Couplers

Splice adapter, 3GHz high definition

PPC  F81 (HD) Coaxial Cable Couplers
PPC  F81 (HD) Coaxial Cable Couplers
PPC  F81 (HD) Coaxial Cable Couplers
Model # F-81 BARREL   SKU # 222013   

  • PPC’s "F” female splice adapters offer superior corrosion resistance and weather sealing capability. The Gold plated Beryllium Copper 4-point center conductor contact provides superior conductivity, connection repeatability, and corrosion resistance.
  • One of the best coaxial couplers that you can buy
  • PPC/Beldon is a high-quality brand that is trusted by cable TV installers and certified by all major service providers (ITT, AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Execulink, and more)
  • Bulk pricing of 100 pieces is available for $50
  • HD Certified
  • Very low signal loss!
  • If using this outside it is recommended that this be used with port seals to waterproof the repair
  • Brand new product!
  • Compare prices with a similar product selling for $2 a piece!
  • Need a few hundred? Contact us today to arrange pricing and delivery for large orders
  • We also offer connectors for RG-59, RG-6, RG-11, and weather seals/ground blocks

Recommended uses
  • RG6 cable repairs (indoor and outdoor)
  • Joining 2 pieces of RG59 or RG6 cable together