Coghlan's® Pop-Up Camp Trash Can

Lightweight, spring-loaded trash can helps keep your campsite clean

Stock #: 350261
See it in action!

  • Easy to use, just unzip the storage lid and the spring loaded container automatically expands to its full size
  • Zip-up lid to prevent smells from getting out and animals and insects from getting in
  • Can be pushed down and secured with loop fastener for easy transport
  • Made of heavy-duty tear resistant polyethylene fabric
  • Great for campsites, RVs, motor homes and more
  • Can be staked down to avoid it blowing away
  • Height when expanded: 24 inches
  • Height when compressed: 2 inches
  • Diameter: 19 inches
  • Can also make a great laundry or storage bin
  • Brand new product!
  • These sell at Big Box stores for $51.01!

Coghlan's® Pop-Up Camp Trash Can
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