World Famous™ Camouflage Netting 1.4m x 3m

Designed by game hunters, retired military, and police! For hunting, airsoft, and military games.

Stock #: 311041
  • Camo nets make creepy haunted houses! Drape them in the corners and obscure light sources for a scary look
  • Polyurethane coated polyester fabric
  • Rust and mold resistant
  • Versatile, many uses and applications
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Brown one side, green on other side gives great camo leaf effect
  • Complete with carry bag
  • Easy to use, handle and store
  • UV Treated to eliminate shine or glare
  • Designed for outdoor use only

World Famous™ Camouflage Netting 1.4m x 3m
World Famous™ Camouflage Netting 1.4m x 3m
World Famous™ Camouflage Netting 1.4m x 3m
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