Killhouse Solar-powered Micro Red Dot Gun Sight

Never replace the battery in your sight ever again!

Killhouse  Solar-powered Micro Red Dot Gun Sight
Killhouse  Solar-powered Micro Red Dot Gun Sight
Killhouse  Solar-powered Micro Red Dot Gun Sight
Model # 12KWS215   SKU # 360815   

Tired of replacing the batteries in your sights or being let down with a dead battery in the middle of a game? Never again will your red dot die in the field! Our new Killhouse Weapon Systems solar-powered Micro Red Dot Solar Sight uses the power of the trusty golden sun to keep those illuminated sights glowing bright.

  • Comes with low and high quick detach riser rails to allow you to mount the sight at an optimal height
  • Low profile option reduces your profile and thereby lowers your risk of being hit

Product Details
  • Built-in solar panel charges the red dot sight during an operation allowing users to maintain an accurate shot even with dead or damaged batteries
  • Avoid giving away your position without the possibility of your targets being in position. Line your targets up before you shoot with this red dot sight.
  • Variable brightness settings
  • Rugged metal construction.
  • Fits on standard Picatinny or Weaver rails
  • Fully adjustable up and down or left and right positioning of the dot allowing you to correct for elevation and windage
  • Not warrantied against breakage if hit by paintballs or BBs.
  • Designed for paintball and airsoft use only. Not suitable for use with firearms.
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
  • The same product is selling elsewhere online for $80.00!

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