YESA® CAT-317 Electrostatic Discharge Wristband

Avoid shocking computer components and electronics when working on them

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Teens love to upgrade computers. Gamers need to get new video cards regularly to keep up with the latest game requirements. When building or maintaining computers, it is always important to have no static electricity built up inside you, and this is something many people may not know. With the Yesa CAT-317 Wristband, ground yourself so that static is not a problem. These are hard to find to find, but I’m glad that Forest City Surplus carries them, and teens can buy them for pocket change."Static electricity can be a silent killer for electronics. I've lost computer motherboard's in the past due to unknowingly sending an electronic shock to the motherboard"
 - Tim Hodges, Forest City Surplus Canada Webmaster and Computer User for 25+ years.

  • Clothing, carpets, and other fabrics can cause you to build up a static charge. Avoid transferring that charge when performing computer repair, electronics work, or when working with any sensitive electronic components
  • They are simple to use.  Just put the elastic cuff around your wrist then use the alligator clip to attach the band to something metallic like the case of a computer to ground yourself
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

YESA® CAT-317 Electrostatic Discharge Wristband
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