FARPOINT® 4000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight

Beam on can be seen up to 1.5 km away!

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This tactical flashlight was originally designed for law enforcement, search & rescue, and the military. On max, the beam it sends can be seen up to a mile and a half away!

On Max power, it can last 5 hours, while on low power, it lasts 7 hours.

Plus it has an aluminum body with a military-grade, anodized finish that makes it weatherproof and tough.

It includes 3 different illumination modes (Max, Strobe, and Low). The Strobe function gets attention in emergencies.

It also has an adjustable beam. Just press the push button switch for the flashlight head to go from spotlight to flood focus. Great for camping, hiking, emergency situations, or everyday use around the house.

  • On full blast, it sends out a powerful 4000 Lumen beam of light!
  • Includes a Strobe function which also emits at 4000 Lumens!
  • Low Light Output: 500 Lumens (even this is brighter than most flashlights)
  • COB LED light bulb technology is the most energy efficient LED technology available. It allows you to run this flashlight for 3.5 hours on max power or 7 hours on low power
  • Beam on max can be seen up to 1.5 km away
  • Just with a push of a button, you can switch between 3 different beam settings!
  • Fully adjustable focus settings for flood lighting all the way to an intense spotlight!
  • Rugged aluminum alloy body
  • Features a beveled flashlight head
  • Weatherproof and impact resistant
  • Great in emergency situations!
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, working, or just around the house
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Working Voltage: 12-18 V
  • Requires 9 AA batteries (included)
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
Similar 4000 Lumen flashlights are selling at another Canadian online retailer for $199!

FARPOINT® 4000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight
FARPOINT® 4000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight
FARPOINT® 4000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight
FARPOINT® 4000 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight
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