FARPOINT® 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and Powerbank

Waterproof and Impact-Resistant. Hands down the brightest flashlight we've carried to date!

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A Powerful Flashlight that Doesn't Rely on Batteries

The 5000 Lumen Flashlight combines the classic flashlight design with some tactical accents that make it look really cool. It's weatherproof and impact-resistant; great for camping, hiking, emergency situations, or everyday use around the house.

On high this flashlight is 25-150% brighter then average car's LED headlights

The built-in rechargeable 6000mAh battery means you never have to look around for spare batteries: just charge it up and it can run continuously for 1.5hrs on the maximum setting.

You can also use the USB output to charge your electronics - any smartphone, iPhone, speaker, headphones, or even an iPad.

A Variety of Flashlight Settings

Additional features include 3 beam settings: max power, low power, and strobe mode. Swap between these modes with a light press on the rubberized button. Twist the tactical head to focus from a wide beam into a spotlight.

The hefty aluminum body with military grade anodized finish is built to take and give a beating! The knurling is very grippy and comfortable to hold onto in any weather.

Designed for law enforcement, military, and search and rescue, but great for any profession or everyday use because it lights up such a vast area. Great for emergencies, camping, hunting, professional work, tactical purposes, survivalists, preppers or anyone who wants to have a show-stoppingly powerful flashlight.

  • On full blast sends out a 5000 Lumen beam of light! In comparison a typical car LED headlight kit is only 2000-4000 Lumens.
  • Includes a Strobe function which also emits at 5000 Lumens!
  • Low Light Output: 1000 Lumens (even this is brighter than most flashlights)
  • COB LED light bulb technology is the most energy efficient LED technology available. It allows you to run this flashlight for 2 hours on max power or 5 hours on low power
  • Beam on Max can reach up to 150 meters away
  • Just with a push of a button, you can switch between 3 different beam settings!
  • Fully adjustable focus settings for flood lighting all the way to an intense spotlight!
  • Charge your phone or other devices via a USB
  • Recharge the flashlight via a micro USB port
  • Indicator lights signaling the battery level
  • Includes a power cord or emergency storage compartment
  • Rugged machined aluminum alloy body
  • Features a beveled flashlight head
  • Weatherproof and impact resistant
  • Great for camping, hiking, walking the dog, emergency situations, or everyday use around the house.
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, working, or just around the house
  • Length: 12-inches
  • Working Voltage: 14.8 V
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

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FARPOINT® 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and Powerbank
FARPOINT® 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and Powerbank
FARPOINT® 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and Powerbank
FARPOINT® 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and Powerbank
FARPOINT® 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight and Powerbank
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