U-POL UP6505 Rapid System 2:1 Clearcoat 5L Tin

Get that high gloss 'just buffed' finish!

U-POL  UP6505 Rapid System 2:1 Clearcoat 5L Tin
Model # UP6505   SKU # 243805   

RAPID SYSTEM CLEARCOAT, with unique new Rapid Cure Technology, cures in a fraction of the time compared to conventional clearcoats. It is easy to apply and significantly reduces cycle time, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Rapid Cure Technology: Cures in 10 mins @ 140°F metal temperature
  • Only one hardener required for all climates and conditions, reducing your stock investment
  • Air dry, oven bake, or IR
  • Use with other RAPID SYSTEM products to increase job throughput from start to finish
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
  • The same product is selling at a Big Box store for $109.98 US / $139.78 CA!

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