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Matrix® 52 Piece Screwdriver and Bits Sets

Includes a soft-roll pouch for easy portability

Stock #: 400251
only $34.95 per set Details

MegaPro® Tamper-Proof Screwdriver

A complete security screwdriver set in one driver

Stock #: 401191
only $29.95 each Details

Trades Pro® 72 Piece Automotive Tools Set

Includes sockets, ratchets, extensions, wrenches, and more!

Stock #: 710257
only $29.95 per set Details

Dowell® 15-Piece Household Tool Kit

Includes claw hammer, precision screwdriver, digital voltage tester, and much more!

Stock #: 710816
only $19.95 per set Details

Matrix® 30 Piece Ratcheting Multi-bit Screwdriver

Magnetized chrome vanadium steel bits

Stock #: 401333
only $19.95 per set Details

The Gravitator! Multi-Tool

Heavy-duty multitool featuring knife, pliers, saw, and much more!

Stock #: 870256
only $18.95 each Details

Matrix Canada® 9 Piece Screwdriver sets

Great starter set for assembling furniture, small repairs, tightening lose screws, and more!

Stock #: 400068
only $16.95 per set Details

IIT® 64-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

Flexible extension bit holder for working in hard-to-reach spaces

Stock #: 240044
only $16.95 per set Details

Industrial 10-Piece Security Bit Sets

U, Torx, Philips, Robertson, and Flat head bits

Stock #: 400984
only $13.95 per set Details
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only $12.95 per set

Shopro® Multi Bit Screwdriver

12 in 1

Stock #: 420096
only $12.95 per set Details

Crown Bolt® #6 x 1-5/8" Bugle Head Phillips Drywall Screws

Available in a 5 lb/2.3 kg box!

Stock #: 710585
only $12.95 per set Details

Crown Bolt® #6 x 1-1/4" Drywall Screws

Sharp points for fast and easy installation!

Stock #: 710589
only $12.95 per set Details

Ultra Steel® 38-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

Ratcheting action comes in handy when tightening or loosening objects!

Stock #: 710849
only $11.95 per set Details

Fix It!® 56 Piece Screwdriver and Bit Sets

Includes 5 standard screwdrivers, 50 bits (including Pozidriv and Torx), and a bit driver!

Stock #: 810267
only $11.95 per set Details

Matrix Canada® 12-Piece Precision Screwdriver and Pliers Kits

Use for repairing computers, cameras, watches, eyeglasses, and more

Stock #: 402226
only $9.99 per set Details

Matrix Canada® 34-Piece Ratchet Screwdriver and Socket Sets

Includes a variety of slotted, square, cross, and torx bits and 12 socket sizes

Stock #: 400538
only $9.99 per set Details

ROK Drywall Screw Setter

Makes installing drywall and subfloors much easier!

Stock #: 460339
only $9.99 each Details

15 Function Multi-Tool

Stainless steel construction! Includes carrying case with belt loop!

Stock #: 243506
only $8.99 each Details

Watch Battery Replacement Kit

Use for repairing computers, cameras, watches, eyeglasses, and more

Stock #: 060744
only $8.99 per set Details

Matrix® 12 Piece Torque Tamper Proof Bits

With "L" Driver

Stock #: 400908
only $7.99 per set Details

Tool Tech® 9 Piece Torque Tamper Proof Set

Rustproof finish

Stock #: 401021
only $7.99 per set Details

Matrix® 33-Piece Combo Security Bit Sets

Includes security hexagon sockets and security torx bits

Stock #: 401126
only $7.99 per set Details

14 Function Stainless Steel Multi-Tools

Pliers, screwdriver, ruler, wire cutter, bottle opener, knife blade, hook dislodger and more

Stock #: 060326
only $7.99 each Details

Jumbo 6-Piece Screwdriver Set

Tired of losing your tools? The bright orange handles on these screwdrivers make them easy to find!

Stock #: 243093
only $7.99 per set Details

Portable 8-in-1 Multi-screwdriver with Flashlight

Compact-sized and can easily fit inside your pocket!

Stock #: 248046
only $6.99 each Details

Stanley® 5-Piece Torx Screwdriver Sets

The TORX® drive system reduces stress on edge points

Stock #: 930197
only $5.99 per set Details

Tool Tech® 7 Piece Folding Hex Key Set

Chroma Vanadium

Stock #: 400965
only $5.99 per set Details

Matrix® 6-Piece Screw Extractor Set

Maximize your drill's performance!

Stock #: 402363
only $5.99 per set Details

Milwaukee® 25-Piece 1/4" Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Power Bit Sets

Designed to withstand the toughest jobs!

Stock #: 243901
only $5.99 per set Details

SE® 4-Piece Damaged Screw Extractor Set

Maximize performance.

Stock #: 060700
only $4.99 per set Details

TEKTON® 2795 2pc 6-in-1 and 4-in-1 Screwdriver Set

Great to have around the house for everyday projects!

Stock #: 710042
only $4.99 per set Details

11-Piece Smartphone/Tablet Precision Repair Tool Kit

A great set of precision tools to let you fix your smartphone or tablet

Stock #: 060556
only $3.99 per set Details
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