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Very Warm, Comfortable (1/19/2021)
Easy to sleep out in the cold with one of these thick Yanes Yukon mummy bag. The hood keeps the user's head warm. I previously needed a source of heat for my feet using a different model as they get cold in the bottom while I am warm enough at negative temperatures. I have not tried this below -15, but it is rated to -30.
The bag stuffs back into its compression sack easily.

Marc - ON, Canada
Tested in Montreal on January 18th 2019 in my car at -20°C and worked well (1/18/2019)
Warm, When I tested it I was wearing 3 pairs of polyester/wool sockets, thick leggins, polyester ski shirt, under-gloves, hooded polyester jacket, 2 neck warmers and 1 winter hat. It felt totally OK, actually warmer than in my bed, my hands that were frozen warmed-up to a comfortable temperature once in the sleeping bag.
+ Easy to store, you can do it in less than 5 min with very little effort and no need to roll it
+ Highly compressible, the compression bag reduces to half-size when compressed
+ Same weight than a well-known brand, 'Aleutian Long Mummy Sleeping Bag - 0°F/-18°C' from the North Face

Good product for a very fair price, totally recommend it!

David H. & Ponce L. - Quebec, Canada
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