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A wicked jacket for a wicked price! (2/8/2019)
I bought 1 of these the other day. I almost fell over at the price, and thought..Hmmmm, How good can it be, for such a price drop? My boys and I scrutinized the coat, like crazy when I got it home.
I thought, hmmm, seems pretty light and thin to be really warm...Well, after today, I was REALLY IMPRESSED!!! It was below -10c, 80-100 km/h gusting winds, and confirmed -20c windchill. My upper 1/2 stayed WARM!! The rest of my body froze so bad, it felt like burning. With this jacket and a THIN hoodie under it, my torso stayed toasty! I can't say enough about this coat! It killed all the wind and snow.! The double zipper enclosure DIDN'T let ANY cold in at ALL! The neck/collar part was AWESOME!!
NO annoying cold, all the way to my chin! The pockets all over, are spacious and easy to deal with in horrible weather. This coat totally rivals over-priced Columbia coats!! At a fraction of the price, you'd be a fool not to buy one!
My big named, Dickies winter work coat can't even compare!! It craps out at 0 to -2c!!!!! WITH the same thin hoodie under it!! It's like wearing just a T-shirt, compared to this coat! NO JOKES... HANDS DOWN, the BEST BUY I've gotten in a LONG time!!
I'm actually considering buying another 1 for down the road, whenever this 1 eventually wears out...They are THAT good... *thumbs up* I'd kill for a matching pair of wind/snow/rain pants, by the same company!! I'd be 10 thousand percent impervious against ANY weather!! ^_^

Mikey - London, Ontario, Canada.
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