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Musical Equipment

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WK-6600 Casio® Electric Keyboards with Pitch Wheel

Pitch-bending, realistic-sounding, guitar, sax, and other

Stock #: 158051
only $299.00 each Details

Pyle® PMXAKB2000 2000 Peak Watt Bluetooth Stereo Mixer and Karaoke Amplifier

Nine-step digital key control, digital echo, and other professional karaoke features built directly into the unit

Stock #: 000900
only $269.00 each Details

Pyle® PMXAKB1000 1000 Peak Watt Bluetooth Stereo Mixer and Karaoke Amplifier

A great mixer for all your party needs! Complete with built-in Karaoke controls

Stock #: 002559
only $219.00 each Details

Pyle® PT390AU Digital Home Theater Stereo Receiver

Throw your own karaoke party by connecting mics through the dual mic inputs!

Stock #: 000651
only $149.95 each Details

Pyle® PT380AU 200 Watt Digital Home Theater Stereo Receiver

A 4 channel high power system that lets you listen to whatever you want! 

Stock #: 000981
only $149.95 each Details

Pyle® PT390BTU Digital Home Theater Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

Throw your own karaoke party by connecting mics through the dual mic inputs

Stock #: 000902
only $149.95 each Details

Pyle® PMXU63BT 6-Ch. Bluetooth Studio Mixer

DJ and studio audio mixing system!

Stock #: 001227
only $139.95 each Details

Pyle® PKRK68MC Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Speaker System

The benefits of a megaphone with the freedom of a wireless microphone!

Stock #: 001241
only $139.95 each Details

PMDK102 Pyle® P.A. Speaker Stand Sets

With 2 Up to 6 foot Adjustable P.A. Speaker Stands

Stock #: 000167
only $139.95 each Details

Pyle® PUNP34BT Retro Style Bluetooth Radio

Bluetooth retro style radio speaker system!

Stock #: 001225
only $129.95 each Details

PWMAB250BK - Pyle® Bluetooth Portable Speaker Karaoke System

Works with all of your

Bluetooth devices including iPhone and Android devices!

Stock #: 001047
only $109.00 each Details

PSCBLF500 - 12 Gauge Speaker Wire - 500 Feet

Ideal for Home and Car Audio Use

Stock #: 002243
only $99.00 each Details

Pyle® PMX5U Stereo DJ Mixers with USB Port

Use the USB port for direct MP3 playback from USB drives

Stock #: 000843
only $89.95 each Details

Pyle® PVNT7U Vintage Style Turntable with Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording

Plays your
favourite 33, 45 and 78 RPM vinyl records!

Stock #: 000504
only $84.95 each Details

Pyle® PSMRS08 Compact Microphone Isolation Shield

Reduce excess studio noise with this foam microphone reflector

Stock #: 001059
only $79.95 each Details

Pyle® PVAMP20 20 Watt Compact Guitar Amplifiers with 3-Band Equalizer

With clean and overdrive modes

Stock #: 000597
only $79.95 each Details

PGAKT30 - Pyle® 30 Inch Beginner Jamer Acoustic Guitars

A fantastic starter guitar for learning to play 

Stock #: 002025
only $69.95 each Details

Pyramid® GA210 125 Watt Guitar Amplifiers

Compact guitar amp for beginners

Stock #: 000469
only $64.95 each Details

Pyle® PLPTS38 Universal Dual Device Laptop Stand, Sound Equipment DJ Mixing Workstation

A dual purpose stand is great for saving space and multitasking multiple devices!

Stock #: 000424
only $49.95 each Details

Pyle® PDKRMX2 Karaoke Audio Control Mixer

A great mixer for all your karaoke needs!

Stock #: 001250
only $49.95 each Details

Pyle® PLPTS30 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ with Flat Bottom Legs

A great work station for your laptop whether you're hitting the books or spinning the beats!

Stock #: 000254
only $39.95 each Details

Philips® Fidelio 30-Pin iPhone Docking Speaker

Connect your iPod or iPhone to this high-performance speaker

Stock #: 177090
only $39.95 each Details

Pyle® PMKS5 Compact Base Black Microphone Stand

A classic stage microphone stand!

Stock #: 000642
only $34.95 each Details

PSTND2 Pyle® P.A. Speaker Stands

Up to 6 foot Adjustable P.A. Speaker Stand

Stock #: 002404
only $34.95 each Details

PBTR70 Pyle® Bluetooth A2DP Streaming Audio Interface

with Adapter for 30-Pin Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad Docking Station With LED Status Indicator & 3.5 mm Stereo Aux Input

Stock #: 002301
only $34.95 each Details

PLPTS25 Pyle® Adjustable Laptop Computer Stands for DJs

Ideal for Holding Your Laptop, CD player/Controller, EFX Machine, or Lighting Controller at the Right Level

Stock #: 000256
only $29.95 each Details

Pyle® Link PSC12100 12-Gauge Speaker Cable Wire

Helps provide a crystal-clear, distortion-free sound with a wide dynamic frequency

Stock #: 002057
only $29.95 each Details

Pyle Compact Ultra-Low Noise Phono Turntable Preamp with 12-Volt Adaptor

Perfect for bringing your studio equipment's
phono-level output to a more suitable and manageable line-level output!

Stock #: 001317
only $21.95 each Details

Pyle® PHE300 2 Channel Hum Eliminator

Eliminate the electrical noise and hum caused by ground loops

Stock #: 000230
only $19.95 each Details

Pyle® PPJJ-30 30-foot 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch Audio Cables

Great for running between instruments and amplifiers

Stock #: 000917
only $16.95 each Details

Pyle® PEPF40 6-layer Mesh Screen Studio Microphone Pop Filter

360° flexible gooseneck stand

Stock #: 000320
only $16.95 each Details

PPMCL15 Pyle® XLR Female to XLR Male 15 Foot Cables

Great for Mic to P.A. Or Extending Mic Cables

Stock #: 000918
only $11.95 each Details

Pyle® PEPF30 4-layer Mesh Screen Studio Microphone Pop Filter

Softens explosive 'p' and 'b' consonants from your voice and controls unwanted breath noise

Stock #: 000463
only $11.95 each Details

PPSS15 Pyle® SpeakOn Female to Speakon Male 15 Foot Cables

Professional cables for running high-powered P.A. speakers

Stock #: 001672
only $9.99 each Details

Pyle® PLVHL60 2 Channel Speaker to RCA Converter

Lets you run a small car audio amplifier while keeping your stock car stereo

Stock #: 000682
only $9.99 each Details

PPJX20 Pyle® 1/4 Inch to XLR Male 20 Foot Cable

Great for Microphone to Amplifier, P.A. or karaoke

Stock #: 001790
only $8.99 each Details

Power Pro Audio® 1/4 Inch Male to Male 18 Foot Mono Patch Cable

Great for Microphone to Amplifier, P.A. karaoke, electric guitar, and more!

Stock #: 144083
only $8.99 each Details
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