Ultra Light Magnesium Snowshoes

Authentic U.S. Military surplus snowshoes

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  • Heavy-duty design made for U.S. Army soldiers to be used in defending the arctic from Russian invasion
  • Anything that is made for the military has to meet the most stringent product quality requirements, and cost is no object for the military!
  • These Magnesium Snowshoes are ultra-light, allowing for rapid movement on snow
  • They have a classic wide design made of super-lightweight, ultra-modern magnesium alloy. This is the same lightweight material used in ultra-lightweight and expensive vehicle tire rims
  • Weigh less than 5 pounds
  • Practically indestructible!
  • Welded grip cleats
  • Aluminum wire lattice with plastic coating
  • Size 12 × 46-inches
  • Long tails help you maintain a straighter course
  • Suggested harness for this model (sold separately)
  • Also great for military collectors
  • These snowshoes are used military surplus with signs of paint wear, and in some cases, writing on the frame, as one would expect with a REAL military surplus product!
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Ultra Light Magnesium Snowshoes
Ultra Light Magnesium Snowshoes
Ultra Light Magnesium Snowshoes
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