World Famous® Combination Pick & Shovel

Good to keep in your trunk of your vehicle for digging your car out of snow drifts!

Stock #: 310815
  • Will fit in small knapsack or glove compartment
  • Great for digging fire pits, putting out fires, or disposing of waste when camping or hiking
  • Use the pick in icy or rocky terrain, or as a pummelling tool
  • This tool is also essential for emergency preparedness
  • Keep one in your trunk for winter road emergencies
  • You can also use it at home for yardwork, gardening, and maintenance needs
  • Hardened quality blade and pick
  • Pick-hoe-shovel blades secure to hardwood handle instantly with roll lock
  • Similar folding shovels with picks sell for $16.80 on!

World Famous® Combination Pick & Shovel
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