Elite Force 5000 0.20 Gram 6 mm Airsoft BBs

Polished to perfection!

Elite Force 5000 0.20 Gram 6 mm Airsoft BBs
Model # 227-9501   SKU # 135048   

The Elite Force Tactical gaming BBs are specially designed for high-end scenario tactical and military airsoft gaming. Designed for the serious player, they are the highest quality BBs currently on the market. They provide precision in airsoft games, so they are perfect for MILSIM and police force training.

The screw-top bottle makes storage, transport, and loading simple and convenient. These BBs have been tested successfully in many variants of mid- and hi-cap magazines to expose potential jamming and misfires. This testing, combined with the overall consistency in size and polish, has proven these precision Elite Force BBs to be an excellent formula for an extremely competitive BB.


  • 0.20-gram weight
  • 5000 rounds per bottle
  • For use in 6 mm Airsoft products only
  • Reusable bottle with a screw-on top
  • Perfectly spherical, seamless, and accurate
  • Compatible with AEG (automatic electric guns) and spring-loaded Airsoft guns
  • Colour: White
  • Designed for indoor play (non-biodegradable)
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!