Ecohouzng Electronic Food Dehydrator

Easily make trail mix, homemade yogurt, and other snacks!

Ecohouzng  Electronic Food Dehydrator
Ecohouzng  Electronic Food Dehydrator
Ecohouzng  Electronic Food Dehydrator
Model # ECH5402   SKU # 850244   

The Ecohouzng stainless steel food dehydrator can make snacks such as beef jerky, banana chips, dried fruits, fruit rolls, and much more quickly, easily and economically!

This food dehydrator use an efficient flow drying system that uses low levels of heat to extract moisture and preserve food. The process prevents bacteria from growing, stores food for months, and retains those very important nutrients and flavours.

5 tray system

The dehydrator comes with 5 removable stackable trays that have a flexible and extensible capacity to hold large amount of foods. There are two different ways to place the trays that allow you to dry a variety of different sizes of foods at the same time.

Made with BPA-free plastics, the trays are designed with transparency, so that you can easily view and control the progress of your food without having to remove the cover. The variable tray stacking system allows you to accommodate foods of varying sizes and thicknesses.

Adjustable temperature and easy operation

Adjustable between 40-70° C. In order to create the best drying without rotation, Ecohouzng has added a special bottom-mounted fan and heating element to provide constant airflow. Easy to use with one convenient operational button. Choose to dehydrate with just one click!

Equipped with a digital LED screen and an adjustable timer, you can precisely control the drying time and temperature at any moment. The drying time is up to 48 hours. Running on 250 watts of drying power, it also comes with an auto shut-off function, in case the machine overheats.

Retain nutrients

Studies have shown that dried food retains as many nutrients as its fresher counterparts, and has even more concentrated flavours. So let this food dehydrator help you discover a whole new realm of healthy eating today.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature setting: 40-70° C (104-158° F)
  • Time setting: 1-48 hours
  • Power consumption: 110-120V/60Hz/250W
  • Perfect for preparing delicious, healthy, and natural snacks
  • Model number: ECH5402
  • Factory recertified product