Valken® Chill™ 2000 Count Cold-weather Paintballs

Ideal for Fall and Winter games when temperatures make other paintballs brittle

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Playing paintball in the cold comes with its own set of unique challenges. Cold weather tests paintballs, equipment, and players in ways playing the game in other weather conditions do not. Using the right gear and preparing for cold weather makes all the difference between a fun day of shooting opponents and hanging flags, and a frustrating day of numb toes, numb fingertips, and malfunctioning equipment.

The easiest way to ensure paintballs perform well in cold weather conditions is to simply switch paintballs! Rather than the usual paintballs that work just fine for a player in normal weather, these cold-weather paintballs are specially formulated to resist cold weather and maintain solid performance as the temperatures drop. 

Not only will these Chill paintballs perform better in a player’s paintball gun and hopper, but they will provide a player using them with a distinct advantage over opponents not using a cold-weather formulated paintballs.

  • 2000 count
  • Designed for cold weather play, operating in 15° - 30° C (59° - 86° F) with a max humidity of 50%
  • .68 Caliber paintballs will work in most paintball guns
  • Blue outer shell with yellow fill
  • Consistent, round shell for accurate flight
  • Sterling accuracy for direct shooting
  • Winter fill and non-freezing design
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!

Valken® Chill™ 2000 Count Cold-weather Paintballs