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Wrenches - Ratchet and Socket Sets

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Powermate PX® 1/2-Inch Compact Impact Wrench

High torque to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts, and fasteners!

Stock #: 710803
only $89.00 each Details

Toolway® 24" Adjustable Wrench

Easily adjustable wrench gives firm gripping

Stock #: 400109
only $69.95 each Details

DuraMax® 113-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Limited stock! Includes an ergonomic and efficient durable carrying case!

Stock #: 240285
only $49.95 per set Details

Tooltech® Firm-Grip 3/8-Inch 21-Piece SAE Socket Set

Chrome vanadium construction increases the sockets' durability! 

Stock #: 400129
only $49.95 per set Details

Tooltech® 36-inch Pipe Wrench

Made with drop-forged jaws and high allow steel!

Stock #: 401831
only $46.95 each Details

Briggs & Stratton® 6382-00 3/8-Inch Air Ratchet Wrench

Ideal for confined areas and automotive work!

Stock #: 711135
only $44.95 each Details

Stanley® 3/8" Air Ratchet

Insert and remove nuts and bolts with this pneumatic ratchet!

Stock #: 710478
only $34.95 each Details

Matrix® 1/2-Inch Drive 9-Piece Deep Metric Socket Set

Made from durable and long-lasting chrome vanadium!

Stock #: 401135
only $29.95 per set Details

Matrix® 1/2-Inch 9-Piece Deep SAE Socket Sets

Sizes (SAE): 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4", 13/16", 7/8" and 15/16"

Stock #: 404074
only $29.95 per set Details

Toolway® 1/2" Flex Bar

24 inch drive flex bar for firm gripping.

Stock #: 400651
only $26.95 each Details

Matrix® 11-Piece Shallow Impact Socket Set

Drop-forged and heat-treated sockets for a long-lasting experience!

Stock #: 404101
only $24.95 per set Details

Husky® 10-Piece SAE Combination Wrench Set

Lifetime manufacturer's warranty!

Stock #: 710176
only $24.95 per set Details

Matrix® 3/8-Inch 9-Piece Deep Socket Sets

3/8-inch drive deep socket set 

Stock #: 400684
only $21.95 per set Details

Matrix® 11-Piece External Torque Socket Set

Comes with 1/4" and 3/8" drive sockets!

Stock #: 400657
only $21.95 per set Details

Matrix® 3/8-Inch 14-Piece Imperial Socket Sets

3/8-inch drive socket set 

Stock #: 407022
only $19.95 per set Details

Shopro® 40-Piece Professional Socket Set

Drop-forged and heat-treated sockets for a long-lasting experience!

Stock #: 460433
only $19.95 per set Details

Tooltech® 701891 Frim-Grip Torque Wrench

Perfect for automotive work and maintenance!

Stock #: 405925
only $14.95 each Details

Craftsman® Mach Series Bit Driver Set

50% more torque with an offset shaft design!

Stock #: 710121
only $10.95 per set Details

Tooltech® 12-inch Pipe Wrench

Made from high allow steel!

Stock #: 403628
only $10.95 each Details

Stanley® Large 2-Piece Matte Chrome Finished Combination Wrench Set

High-quality construction and long-lasting durability.

Stock #: 811536
only $9.99 per set Details

Matrix® 12 Piece Torque Tamper Proof Bits

With "L" Driver

Stock #: 400908
only $7.99 per set Details

Tool Tech® 9 Piece Torque Tamper Proof Set

Rustproof finish

Stock #: 401021
only $7.99 per set Details

8-Inch Adjustable Wrench

Chrome-plated finish resists rust and corrosion!

Stock #: 403591
only $6.99 each Details

Tool Tech® 7 Piece Folding Hex Key Set

Chroma Vanadium

Stock #: 400965
only $5.99 per set Details
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