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Gag gifts

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The Clapper® Star Wars Darth Vader Talking Clapper

"You underestimate the power of the Dark Side"

Stock #: 267223
only $44.95 each Details

The Clapper® Star Wars C-3PO Talking Clapper

Join the Rebellion with everyone's favourite protocol droid!

Stock #: 267253
only $39.95 each Details

Chia Pet® Joe Biden

Celebrate the election results with the new president of The United States, Joe Biden!

Stock #: 267228
only $24.95 each Details

BigMouth® Goofy Beer Glass Set

Two beautiful beer glasses with goofy sayings imprinted on them that will make you the star of the bar

Stock #: 267119
only $24.95 per set Details

BigMouth® The Ultimate Tiny Hands Collection

Perfect for pranks, selfies, or to just get a laugh out of your friends!

Stock #: 267305
only $24.95 per set Details

BigMouth® Fanny Bank - The Farting Piggy Bank

Drop in some loot to hear it toot!

Stock #: 267063
only $22.95 each Details

BigMouth® The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

The tactical, practical way to grill!

Stock #: 267074
only $21.95 each Details

Evirstar Defence Products® Civilian Adult Gas Masks

Scare the willies out of folks on Halloween!

Stock #: 611260
only $21.95 each Details

Beer Guzzler Hats

You will be the life of the party with this gear!

Stock #: 173072
only $10.95 each Details

Up Yours Middle Finger Coffee Mug

Submerged swearing for your enemies!

Stock #: 173196
only $9.99 each Details

BigMouth® Complaint Department Grenade Coffee Mug

Let everybody know you're not a morning person without saying a word!

Stock #: 267060
only $9.99 each Details

Prank U!® No-tear Toilet Paper

Time for a potty prank! There's no tearing away from this gag, literally!

Stock #: 267281
only $7.99 each Details

Prank U!® Joke-in-a-Jar Vomit and Poop

You've been schooled!

Stock #: 267285
only $7.99 each Details

The Wake-Up Cup

Start your day waking up with the right cup!

Stock #: 173300
only $7.99 each Details

Bee Silly Clothing® Fun Baby Rompers

One-piece baby rompers with adorable phrases and styles!

Stock #: 340014
only $6.99 each Details

Hog Wild® Sticky the Poo!

Grip, mold, and throw this hilarious gag gift!

Stock #: 248100
only $5.99 each Details

Prank U!® Butterfly Surprise

A new spin on a classic prank!

Stock #: 267292
only $5.99 each Details

Prank U!® Prank Stickers - 20 Pack

Make the joke stick with this assortment of gag stickers!

Stock #: 267282
only $5.99 each Details

Island Dogs® Toilet Paper Crap Jokes

3-Ply jokes for the John!

Stock #: 267229
only $5.99 each Details

Neato!® Classic Hand Buzzer

See what the buzz is all about!

Stock #: 267284
only $5.49 each Details

Neato!® Classic Whoopee Cushion

Who cut the cheese?

Stock #: 267291
only $4.99 each Details

Double Mezzanine Fake Beer Mug

Looks real!

Stock #: 173435
only $4.99 each Details

Instant Snow

Non-toxic, expands up to 100x its size. Have fun in the snow year round!

Stock #: 143102
only $1.99 each Details
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