Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers

Full metal six-shooter airsoft revolver

Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers
Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers
Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers
Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers
Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers
Action Sport Games Dan Wesson 4-Inch Airsoft Revolvers
Model # 60ASG16181   SKU # 360348   

This 4 inch silver revolver licensed by Dan Wesson, offers realistic shooting fun in a handy size. It has authentic markings and an individual serial number stamped into the frame. The revolver features a double action trigger system and adjustable rear sight for extra realism and accuracy. The Dan Wesson revolver is made of metal except for the ergonomic grip constructed in hard ABS plastic. The 12g CO2 cartridge is stored in the grip and is easily accessed by sliding the grip back – easy-load style. Each of the 6 cartridges holds one 6 MM airsoft BB and is placed in the metal cylinder that rotates as each round is fired. The revolver comes with speed-loader, attachable tactical rail and 6 cartridges.

Here is a detailed review from one of our customers Jacob Benoit.

Over the years, the Dan Wesson Classic 4” CO2 airsoft revolver has proven a great airsoft firearm for the price. I have owned this gun for around 5 years. Airsoft manufacturers are always coming out with new and different airsoft guns and gear, making this weapon slightly dated, but from my testing, its performance surpasses other models of this age. I really like its look, firepower, comfort of use, and durability. One reason why you might want to choose this revolver over a standard pistol is its performance to price ratio. The Dan Wesson is a classic Western-style six chamber 4-inch revolver, the kind that that you would expect Clint Eastwood or John Wayne to use in a typical Western Movie. With this revolver, you get amazing value for the price, due to its firepower, solid construction, and aesthetics.

When you first take it out of the box, you can see the overall quality and ruggedness immediately. It closely replicates the real thing. Considering that it has a solid aluminum frame, it's hard to believe the price. This amazing piece of art comes equipped with a rugged steel rail for adding various scopes and lights, a spring-loaded speed loader, and even a set of metal bullet cartridges for holding your ammunition. Given its beauty, I would even recommend this gun to be put on display.

Overall, the presentation is outstanding, but how does the performance compare? As if the looks weren’t pleasing enough, the firepower will make your jaw drop. After I inserted the CO2 cartridge, the gun made the usual pop from the cartridge being pierced, but the pop was abruptly cut off, signifying the seal was strong. When I loaded the gun with airsoft BBs and fired a few shots, I was surprised at the realistic feel of the gun, as the barrel revolved when the trigger was pulled.

But the overall greatness in this weapon is its firepower. I was able to shoot at the 394-feet-per-second velocity as promised. The airsoft revolver also performs well in an airsoft battle. Due to its higher velocity than most airsoft pistols, it can shoot almost as far as a standard airsoft rifle, which comes in handy.
So with both aesthetic appeal and firepower checked off, how does this gun feel? It weighs about two pounds, giving it a moderately realistic feel. Go too heavy on your sidearm, and the weight can drag you down and tire you more easily, which isn’t helpful on the battlefield. Overall, however, this weapon has a comfortable PBS plastic grip which fits the hand perfectly. When I first inserted the CO2 cartridge into the handle of the gun, I found that the gun became more evenly weighted. Because the frame is aluminum, it has more weight than the ABS plastic hollow grip. This proved for an excellent feel, as the gun now had a perfect center of balance for great handling.

I would strongly recommend the Dan Wesson Classic 4” revolver for airsoft battle, as it is very powerful, durable, and reliable. It’s also fun just for practicing on cans in your backyard! If I were to grade this gun, I would give it an A for Excellent.

  • Full metal except for ergonomic grip constructed in hard ABS plastic
  • 6 MM Airsoft BBs load into the end of the bullets
  • 4 Inch (10.2 CM)metal barrel
  • Velocity of 394 feet per second
  • Changeable and removable top tactical rail included
  • Scope or sight can be attached (when tactical rail is attached)
  • Pictured with the Tasco 42MM red dot sight (sold separately)
  • 6 Shot rotary version
  • Serial number printed under revolver mechanism (please note that the serial number is the same on every gun)
  • 1.4 joules of energy
  • Includes a 6 bullet speedloader
  • Requires 12 gram CO2 cartridges to function (sold separately)
  • CO2 Compartment in handle
  • Officially licensed by the Dan Wesson Firearms, USA
  • Total length: 9.5 Inches (24.2 CM)
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Fires 6 millimeter plastic airsoft BBs (sold separately)
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase
  • This is not a toy
  • The Forest City Surplus airsoft gun policy
  • U.S. Customers we are unable to ship this airsoft revolver to the United States as this Canadian version of this airsoft gun does not have an orange tip
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