Airtech Studios BEU™ Airsoft Battery Extension Unit

Compatible on all G&G ARP models! Why stress over battery space?

Airtech Studios BEU™ Airsoft Battery Extension Unit
Airtech Studios BEU™ Airsoft Battery Extension Unit
Airtech Studios BEU™ Airsoft Battery Extension Unit
Model # AS-BEU   SKU # 219014   

You never need to worry about your Airsoft gun's battery life again!

By offering additional spacing inside the compartment, the Battery Extension Unit (BEU™) is designed specifically to protect and relieve all stress on the ARP9/ 556's components such as the MOSFET and bending of electrical cables, increasing its durability.

Getting ready for your next battle can be a chore taking a long time to charge up. By utilizing larger batteries ensures that you remain in the battle for longer! The BEU™ is designed to fit beautifully with the ARP9's original design by sitting seamlessly inside the stock compartment offering two points of shoulder adjustments to ensure compactness and maneuverability.

The BEU™ is made of strong, flexible nylon that is resistant to BB impact and rough handling. With the extra air space inside the compartment, the BEU™ will protect the MOSFET, fuse, wires, and battery from overheating over time. Likewise, it minimizes the prospect of denting the battery's surface from the cramped spacing.

  • The BEU™ is highly versatile and can be used across the G&G ARP9, ARP556 and CM16 Raider L.2.0E stocks. Once installed the BEU™ eliminates the rattling butt-stock by locking-down the two metal rails!
  • Ventilation points increases airflow to prevent components from overheating
  • Made for all occasions
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 60% more battery space
  • Offering same levels of flexibility
  • Strong and light construction
  • Maintains the compact tactical PDW function
  • Colour: Black
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
The same BEU™ Airsoft Battery Extension Unit is selling elsewhere for $34.95!