FN P90 Standard FDE Airsoft Rifle with Built-in Red Dot

Fully licensed FN Herstal trademarks. Ideal choice for CQB 

FN P90  Standard FDE Airsoft Rifle with Built-in Red Dot
FN P90  Standard FDE Airsoft Rifle with Built-in Red Dot
FN P90  Standard FDE Airsoft Rifle with Built-in Red Dot
FN P90  Standard FDE Airsoft Rifle with Built-in Red Dot
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Developed in response to NATO requests for a compact, but effective firearm for vehicle crews, support personnel, special operations, counter-terrorist units, and crew served weapon operators, the FN-P90 manages to excel in many of the categories FN-Herstal setout to achieve. The futuristic Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) / Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) entered production in 1990 and began service starting in 1991 and is continued to be used by militaries, law enforcement, and special operation groups around the world today. Chambered in the 5.7 x 28mm cartridge, the weapon far surpassed the 9 x 19mm weapons in performance and handling. The small caliber boasted greatly improved velocity at only half the weight of standard 9 x 19mm cartridges thus allowing the user to carry a great deal more ammunition into combat. Additionally, more rounds can be loaded into a magazine thanks to the cartridges relatively small diameter. Due to its incredibly high velocity, the 5.7 x 28mm cartridge fires at an exceptionally flat trajectory with roughly 30% less felt recoil which greatly improves accuracy even under fully automatic fire.

The FN Licensed Airsoft P90 accurately replicates the great handling and ergonomics of the real P90 with its fully ambidextrous control layout and comfortable grip. Just like the actual P90, the FN Licensed Airsoft replica consists of a durable reinforced polymer frame with metal barrel and upper assembly. Despite its small size, the P90s bullpup design allows for a considerably longer barrel than most sub-machine gun class weapons for improved range and accuracy.

  • Fast, lightweight, and compact, the P90 is one of the most effective weapons for CQB and room clearing.
  • Fully licensed FN Herstal trademarks
  • High quality injection molded reinforced polymer frame
  • Ultra light weight, compact, and maneuverable
  • Ergonomic design makes the weapon incredibly comfortable to shoulder and fire
  • Built-in adjustable red dot sight requires 2x AAA batteries and side rail for lights or lasers
  • Bullpup design allows for a longer inner barrel to improve accuracy and rang
  • Fully ambidextrous controls allow the weapon to be operated by either left or right handed users without reconfiguration or modification
  • Reinforced TM compatible ver.6 gearbox
  • Orange tip
  • The Forest City Surplus airsoft gun policy
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase
  • Never point an Airsoft gun at animals or humans
  • Incorrect use may cause injury or death
  • Brand new product in the manufacturer's packaging!
  • Fires 6 millimeter plastic BBs
  • FPS Range: 425 FPS
  • Length: 500mm
  • Inner barrel: ~290mm
  • Magazine capacity: 70rd capacity. Compatible with other similar P90 series airsoft AEG magazines
  • Thread direction: 14mm negative
  • Gearbox: ver 6 full metal, fully upgradeable
  • Motor: long type
  • Fire modes: semi/full-auto, safety
  • Battery: 9.6v P90 type NiMH (Wired to the rear with a Small Tamiya connector). Requires 2x AAA batteries to use red dot sold separately)
  • Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
  • Weight: 2640g
  • Package Includes: gun, magazine, speed loader, rechargeable NiMH battery, charger, and manual

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